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Instagram: stacydittmerfitness

Online Coaching: Train with me on Kickoff!

Group Fitness Classes

Boot Camp: Mon-Fri

TRX: Monday's 5:30pm

Run Club: Wednesday's at 5:30pm

Boot Camp

Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 6am, 7am & 8am

24 sessions = $228

Tuesday/Thursday @ 5pm

16 sessions = $152

Punch Cards: $105 for 10 sessions

Please print and fill in the following two forms and bring them to your first class:

For more information: 204-761-1101

Why Group Fitness?

* Keep yourself accountable to your workouts

*Never get bored with a variety of exercises and classes

*Meet others in our community with similar lifestyle goals

*Push a little harder than you would on your own AND have more fun!!

Choose from Boot Camps, Running classes, Tabata, TRX Suspension Training, Parent & Baby Fitness and 50's Fitness.

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