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What is it??

Class formats may include, Circuit Training, Rounds for Time\Reps, Intervals, Partner work, Core Conditioning, Cardio Drills, Agility Drills, Ab work. We may use kettle bells, TRX, dumbbells, Olympic bars, box jumps, pull up bars, skipping ropes, medicine balls or body-weight never know what you will walk into!

Wondering if boot camp is for you? Come try your first session for free! The group camaraderie and the always changing (and challenging!) workouts will ensure that you have fun, meet new people and get fit along the way. Start now and make fitness part of your life!

All camps at First Baptist Church, 3881 Park Avenue

Please bring indoor footwear, water, weights and mat. 


6:00 am

7:00 am

8:00 am

Registration & Par-Q


5:00 pm

Registration & Par-Q

Punch Cards

$105 for 10 sessions

No expiry


Everyone Welcome!

How do I register?

Have Questions? email Stacy, or call/text at (204) 761-1101

Note: If you are a returning camper and there are no changes to your answers on the Par-Q, or contact information you do not need to fill one out every month as it is good for one year. Please let Stacy know if any changes.

Location: 3881 Park Avenue, Brandon

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