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Today's Lunch!

I get clients asking for an example of a meal I might eat in a day. is today's lunch! I am in no way perfect but do try to plan ahead and eat clean whole foods, striving to meet my daily recommended values according to the Canada Food Guide. So, here is todays lunch;

1 glass of skim milk

1 whole grain wrap with mixed greens, red pepper, cucumber, olives, feta, with hummus spread

Raw carrots and broccoli with hummus

Hard boiled egg

Greek yogurt (plain, 2g sugar, 18g protein) with a sprinkle of granola. Just under 700 calories. This left me feeling happily full and satisfied until 4pm when I grabbed an apple as I ran out the door for two more boot camp classes! I try to always make sure I have 1. a lean protein, 2. fibre, 3. healthy fat. (Next time I will swap my feta for some gaucamole!) I tend to eat larger meals for Breakfast and Lunch and a smaller supper meal. I am very active and want to make sure that I am fuelling properly for a great workout so every couple months I like to track what I am eating on either or Check them out!


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