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"We have been going to Stacy Dittmer's Boot Camp for many years. She not only builds stronger bodies but inspires you to be your best self.

She is a fabulous coach with her ability to push us to our limit or work within our limits. She stands by her boot campers through injuries and surgeries, helping us back to being as active as possible, modifying exercises to our ability at the time.

With her additional training as a nutritional coach we also receive nutrition tips and meal ideas.

As a strong competitor herself, she strives to help people reach their goals whatever that may be, whether training for a marathon or just staying active.

Her workouts are not only fun but based on good body mechanics."

Alice and Heather

"I have been doing Stacy's boot camp from day 1 and every class has made me appreciate her more and more. Stacy does more then teach physical fitness, she inspires you to work hard to improve your fitness level and reach your own personal goals."

Connie Simpson

"Stacy offers a comfortable space to get started on your fitness journey. Her workouts are fun yet challenging. Her approachable demeanor makes it easier for you to attain your personal fitness goals."


"I have been participating in Stacy's boot camp for over three years and know I will be a lifer of her class!

Every class has been different and in each class there are different activities so I never get bored. She makes fitness fun and provides a warm and friendly environment to everyone who joins.

You can feel her passion for teaching fitness, which makes her such an awesome instructor. My only regret is that I didn't join sooner!


"I am 63 years old next month and have gone to Stacy's classes for 6 years!

She has always been willing to modify certain exercises as I work my way through different joint ailments! As we know, the use of weights and practicing balance are very important as we age!

Stacy is one of the best fitness instructors I know as well as being very patient and kind!"

Karen Liddle

"Her class and what she does is awesome. Wish I had done this years ago when I first heard of her. But knowing I was going to be the only guy made it harder to join. But sometimes you need to break out of your comfort zone to improve yourself. I have only done 5 classes and I've noticed a big difference all around."


"I have been attending Stacy's boot camp classes for many years. She is a great role model of someone leading a healthy lifestyle whilst never making anyone feel inadequate or self-conscious about their own level of fitness. There are people from all walks of life in her class, different age groups and people with different goals; whether it is to be fit and strong; add to an existing running program; or simply not feeling guilty when indulging in a treat or two, they are all there. I love the variety of exercises and find her classes challenging but still fun and I leave with a sense of accomplishment."


"My life has changed so much since starting Stacy's boot camp. I am challenged, my limits are stretched and I'm always encouraged by Stacy to do better. I an lift weights I never thought I'd be able to and my cardio has improved immaculately. I've lost 30lbs in the last year and gained so much muscle. Stacy has given me the drive to get healthier and stronger and I will never stop now."


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