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April Calendar 2015
Regular schedule during Spring Break!
Boot Camp 6&7am

TRX & Kettlebells

12 noon
(Healthy Living Centre)


50's Fitness

Baby Boot Camp

(open to all looking for boot camp workout)
Boot Camp 5:15pm
Boot Camp

TRX & Kettlebells

12 noon
(Healthy Living Centre)

10km Run Group

Half/Full Marathon Clinic 6pm


50's Fitness

Baby Boot Camp 10am

(open to all looking for a boot camp workout)

B. Camp
Boot Camp

Boot Camp Prices
12 morning classes=$96
8 Evening classes=$64
Punch Card=$95
Drop in=$10

50s Class, Baby Boot Camp, TRX & Kettlbells=Punch card or $10 drop in

(Punch cards are non-refundable)

To Register for classes held at Healthy Living Centre please register here.

Please print and fill in the following two forms and bring them to your first class:
Most classes at First Baptist Church, (3881 Park Ave.), unless otherwise indicated on calendar.  Please bring indoor footwear.

Healthy Living Centre located at 2010 Louise Ave.

Drop ins and new participants always welcome!
Please call or text for more information; 204-761-1101

I'd like to hear from you! For future planning, what class times would fit best with your schedule:
Please select:
Tues/Thurs at 5:15pm
Tues/Thurs at 6:15pm
Mon/Thurs at 6:15pm
Is there another time that would work best with your schedule? Is there another type of class you would like to see offered? Please specify:

Monthly Healthy Nutrition Challenges
Jan: Changing Behaviours
October: Our one limiting factor
Thank you Brandon Now for the article! "Livin the Dream."
Why Group Fitness?
* Keep yourself accountable to your workouts
*Never get bored with a variety of exercises and classes
*Meet others in our community with similar lifestyle goals
*Push a little harder than you would on your own AND have more fun!!
Choose from Boot camps, Running classes, Tabata, TRX Suspension Training, CrossTrain20, Parent & Baby Fitness and 50's Fitness.
"Stacy's boot camp is just what I needed to get out of a funk. Could not believe the stuff we did at first but kept going back month after month. Am proud to say I have lost 15 inches in total and my clothes have never fit better. Do not feel as tired as I did and love your tip of the day have even spread the message to my co-workers. I recommend her to anyone I know who is looking for a challenge she will surely give you that and more. Thanks Stacy!!!!
-Lori Oliver
"Stacy Dittmer is one of the best trainers I have ever come across, and I've dealt with a few. I am a former instructor and am impressed with her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion! "
- Mary Anne Rocan
"Stacy Dittmer (the Burpees Queen!!!) Her classes were awesome! She is very knowledgeable and tells you which muscles you are working every time! It was SO much fun and I will definitely be recommending it to everyone. Stacy made class fun as well as was a great combo! All the ladies there were also great and it was very nice to meet them all!! I don't think that any of us will ever be able to forget all the burpees we did!!! It was really great to workout as part of a group but at the same time just challenging and pushing yourself to do more! Thanks again Stacy! It was amazing!! See you again soon! "
- Colleen McGregor
“The Baby Steps Running Class is a great way to get back in shape after pregnancy, to enjoy some fresh air and to meet other new moms! The class introduced us to running gently, yet was structured so that you saw measurable progress in a short time – we went from running 30 seconds to running 5 kilometres in just two months! Anyone can do this course, and every mom will enjoy it!”
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